/My wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting at will and at random times (via WindowsKernel.com)
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My wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting at will and at random times (via WindowsKernel.com)

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Try to repair your internet connection.

Click Start and type “cmd”.

– Right click on Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
– Copy and paste the following line one at a time, pressing enter each time:

– netsh winsock reset – and press Enter.
– netsh int ip reset – and press Enter.
– ipconfig / release – and press Enter.
– ipconfig / renew – and press Enter.
– ipconfig / flushdns – and press Enter

You can also try to reset your DNS service with the following steps:

– Press the Windows key + R and type “services.msc” and press OK.
– Scroll down to find the DNS client.
– Right click on it and click Restart.

You can also check that your drivers are updated.


You can also follow these steps: from the Start menu or by pressing the Win + I key combination, open the Settings and click on the Network and Internet option. Once there, we select the Status option from the menu on the left side and, within the configurations
and options that are loaded in the right panel, we have to look for the restoration of the network.

When you click on this option, it will show us a new window from where we can restore the network in Windows 10. In this way, all network adapters will be removed and reinstalled, and the original configuration of other network components will be restored.
net. This implies that if we were using some software such as a VPN client or virtual switches, we will have to reinstall them.

A process that the system performs automatically by clicking on the Reset button that is now displayed in Network Reset in the Windows 10 configuration. It is normal for the process to not take long, although we must wait until the end completely and restart
the computer to continue with the network configuration in Windows 10 as we have done so far.

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