/Harmony OS: what you need to know about Huawei’s new operating system – NewsDio (via WindowsKernel.com)
Harmony OS: what you need to know about Huawei's new operating system - NewsDio

Harmony OS: what you need to know about Huawei’s new operating system – NewsDio (via WindowsKernel.com)

Huawei CEO announced Harmony OS in August 2019, as the company’s new cross-device operating system that could generate the next phase of Huawei’s technological domain

The announcement was clearly an unveiled response to political events over the past year, but the message is clear: if Huawei has to leave Android, later, it can do so.

Harmony OS is related to, but not exactly the same as, the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), replacements of Google applications in which the company is working in an effort to approve the Huawei ban. These are applications that would go on their smartphones such as the Huawei P40 or Mate 40, and there is certainly a clock element in Huawei that revives its phone division before people associate it too much with the ban on Google applications.

Harmony OS, or as Huawei likes to give it the style & # 39; HarmonyOS & # 39 ;, (formerly codenamed HongMeng) is a platform designed for a variety of devices, and is currently aimed at IoT devices such as smart screens or smart home equipment. The first product with operating system is Honor TV, although more similar products have been announced since then, including Huawei TV.

Given the political situation between the United States and China (see: Huawei ban) and the impact it has had on Huawei’s access to Android over the past year, it is not surprising that the brand has a challenging and secure stance.

Come to the point

  • What is it? Huawei’s new operating system, configured to work on a variety of products
  • When out In China you can buy Harmony OS products, but it could be 2020 by the time you can somewhere else
  • How much will it cost? Harmony OS will not cost you to use, although your products may

Price and release date of Harmony OS

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Harmony OS will be free to use, as long as you have a device running the operating system, but since even the best Huawei devices are relatively affordable, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

However, you may be waiting for some time to use Harmony OS. It is in use on Honor TV and Huawei TVs, but they are currently only available in China, and although we have heard that the next Huawei Watch GT smartwatch will run on the operating system, a version of that is still far away.

As we enter, Harmony OS (or Huawei Mobile Services, as is most likely) on Huawei smartphones is also far away, if it arrives, so outside of China, we may be waiting a long time to test the operating system.

How does Harmony OS work?

Huawei says that with the rise of the IoT device, a more efficient operating system is needed. With these IoT devices that store less memory and storage than even the best smartphones, they need significantly more optimized code, and for 100 lines of Android code, you could have a single line of Harmony OS code.

Despite this, Harmony OS can still offer powerful functionality on all devices.

By adopting a & # 39; single core approach on all devices & # 39 ;, Huawei also aims to create a shared ecosystem of different devices, break silos and, in turn, save developers time. An application can be implemented in the main unit of a car, smart watch, fitness tracker and speaker, working perfectly.

We have seen similar ideas before, especially on Windows Phone, which had a Kernel shared with Windows 10. While that was not a success, Huawei could have a silver bullet in its weapon: compatibility with Android.

Honor tv

Honor TV (Image credit: TechRadar)

Harmony OS began its life as a TV operating system, to create opportunities for a smooth and fluid transmission through the devices, so that a user could make a video call on his phone, transmit it to a television in the kitchen and then continue it In the living room. After that, they could take a phone call, moving from one room to another, and the call kept skipping from one smart speaker to another.

Harmony OS will also be featured on watches, speakers and major car units in the future, but it is not limited to these device categories. What’s more, it is open source, with Huawei releasing promises of great support for developers in the future.

Harmony OS will also be an open source platform, so developers can provide applications for the platform and other smartphone manufacturers can even choose to use the operating system.

Is Harmony OS set to replace Android on phones?

As for the smartphones that get Harmony OS, Yu was clear about Huawei’s current position when Harmony OS was introduced: “When can we put it on our smartphones? We can do it at any time, but for the Google association and the Efficiency, the priority will be for Google’s Android operating system … If we can’t use it in the future, we can change from Android & # 39 ;.

As time goes by, the possibility of Huawei phones running on Android becomes smaller and smaller, so it seems increasingly likely that Harmony OS or Huawei Mobile Services can see their debut on a device at some point in 2020.


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He clarified that the change would be “quick and easy”, presenting words of struggle and clearly safeguarding his company’s association with Google, at least for now.

Following his announcement, Yu refrained from committing to switching from Android to Harmony OS at the moment, and it seems that Huawei’s Global Media and Communications President Joy Tan agrees, suggesting that Harmony OS will not replace Android in the Huawei phones in no time soon.

Tan said that “a viable alternative to the Android operating system will take years to complete,” apparently contradicting the statements made in the debut of Harmony OS, but it only shows that there are no immediate plans for Harmony OS to be available on Huawei phones.

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