/r/programming – “I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why.” (2013) (via WindowsKernel.com)

r/programming – “I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why.” (2013) (via WindowsKernel.com)

Tbh it’s always seemed bizarre to me how all these tech companies keep on introducing amazing products, immediately abandoning them to die, before eventually cannibalizing them with some much inferior replacement. Now I’m working in the software industry and I suddenly understand. You are rewarded purely for implementing predefined features and solving bugs. Like your a construction worker. Not doing these tasks, this does not make number go up, number no go up, u bad boy.

I finally understand that we live in the world all those people in the textbooks I read in college dreamed of, where there were software “architects” who came up with the grand scheme, and lowly coder peons who were construction workers. Except this is more like the a clueless business grad who doesn’t understand the first thing about software is starting the plans, and the actual architects are rolling their eyes and don’t the construction work according to these ridiculous plans for a building we know is going to take 10x as long as he says and 10x the cost and maybe stand for 10 seconds before falling over. And then he gets promoted. You move on a new task and new disaster to build for someone else’s glory, and plus you tear down similar older building built back before this insane system was in place, meaning they actually work, but of course we would not rant to spoil the glory of the architect by leaving in place an objectively far superior building that would inevitably just embarrass him. So we tear down the pyramids and build something it looks like a 4 year old drew.

I’m still pissed about panoramio. There was one a time I could spend hours on Google earth, just clicking on random parts of the world and seeing how they look, beautiful landscapes people took. Then one day some middle manager at Google decided, wtf is this shit, we could integrate this with MOBILE and SOCIAL and other bullshit, that stupid images of scenery do little to help people get around on MAPS, plus I’ve got a mission to promote integration with our new PHOTOS app (like the fourth one I think). I’m thinking more like a tour guide type photos to help drunk college kids get home, why the fuck are there all that useless pictures of remote parts of Siberia where there’s not even an internet signal to access your GOOGLE brand products?

So, bam, just wiped the whole thing. Once you could see the world from your living room, now you cannot. Just a small fraction of the precious number of photos, most focused on landmarks and city streets. We have gone backwards. I’m sure that guy probably got a 100k raise afterward, now he’s probably abandoned all that shit and is off to destroy something else. His long until Google FOTOFUN, I wonder what features they’ll take away this time, there’s not a lot left.

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