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Kernel Secuirty Check Failure et. al. – Windows 10 Help Forums (via WindowsKernel.com)

A few days ago, using the ISO on the USB, the install failed at 64%, with the error message System Service Exception/Ntfs.sys. Based on what I understood by searching for information about this, I first ran Chkdsk in the error correction mode, which I had never done. I was somewhat amused by its ETA: As the completed percentage of the process increased, for quite some time the ETA would also increase rather than decreasing. This reminded me of the years when I was taking many airline flights: The nearer to an airport we would get, it often seemed as though the ETA had increased. My next step was to look for drivers that needed to be updated; I found and updated four.

The one thing that appeared to be obviously caused by the chkdsk process was that programs that used to be slow in opening were now very rapid. Unfortunately, after an update to Malwarebytes, today with a mandatory restart, this rapid starting was no longer in effect. However, as the logon seemed to be somewhat strange, I need to do that again, but having already interrupted our listening to Baroque and Beyond on Sirius/XM due to the mandatory restart, I am going to wait until later to do a second one.

Having done the only things I knew about to try to fix the ISO install problem after the previous failure, I decided yesterday to try again. As it had been suggested that, rather than using the USB, I try creating an ISO on my computer, so that is what I did. Ironically, I had written “I guess it might be worth the time involved to create an ISO directly on my computer.” Well, it certainly took some time, about eight hours!

I noted that the process of looking for updates seemed to stall at 14%, but eventually the process proceeded, until it got to 20%. After perhaps two hours (a guess, I did not take notes), I began to wonder if the process had stalled and would never complete, so I did a speed test, which happened to choose a west-coast server, and showed a speed of something around 2 or 3Mbps, which could certainly have explained the delay. About thirty minutes later, I found that the ISO was ready to install, which greatly surprised me. Sadly, that, too, failed at 64%, with the same System Service Exception error, but without any indication of where the fault was located.

As soon as I restarted the computer and the logon process was finished, I again ran the data collection process; the file is attached. I hope that the files are not corrupted this time, if they are, I have no way of knowing why.

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